Welcome to my website. I teach and do research in English linguistics at the University of Genoa (Italy), where I am a member of staff at the Department of Modern Languages. My teaching/research interests include:

  • synchronic and diachronic phonology and syntax of English,
  • theories of language (Cognitive Linguistics, esp. Cognitive Grammar).


My research topics so far include (mainly in chronological order):

  • cognitive theories of language,
  • dative constructions,
  • reflexives,
  • English “change constructions” (which include e.g. resultative constructions and at-constructions),
  • the subordinator as,
  • English adjectives vs. adverbs,
  • metonymy,
  • VVing constructions.


NB. You can also download my publications from https://lingue.academia.edu/CristianoBroccias, but my website is more up-to-date and organized better.